Online payment and registration for events, conferences, symposia: for attendants, sponsors ...

Online Payment Module

Collect payments online for your conference, symposia or other event.
  • All major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • iDeal
are accepted. Can be integrated with registration and abstract submission.

starting at €199

Websites with online payments

Websites with integrated online payments and registration
  • Content Management System
  • Credit card payments
  • PayPal, iDeal

Optimized for mobile devices

starting at €549


Live demonstration site:

They were before you:
CALPHAD Conferences, ISPAC Conferences, Narrative 2016 Conference.

Full-service Online Payment Modules for conferences setup for credit card and iDeal payments.

Online Payment Solutions - Not just for Webshops

Collect payments online - secure and safe

Our online payment solutions might help you when you want  to collect payments for other purposes than just webshops.

Examples include:

  • You are the organizer of a conference, symposium or other event, and you want to simplify the registration and payment process: we can set up an Online Payment Module for you, complete with integrated and easy registration.
  • You want to collect sponsorship fees easily: besides online payment, our Sponsor Module ensures registration for the sponsors as well as a publicity platform for publishing sponsor logos.
  • You want to collect the ticket prices for your event in an easy way: our Ticket Module allows easy payment and ticket generation for download.


Using our online payment solutions you will be able to accept payments online.

  • Payments will be executed by using credit cards, PayPal, or iDeal. Payments are executed through professional payment gateways to ensure complete safety and security. All major credit cards are accepted, no PayPal account is needed.
  • You can define your own categories and the corresponding fees.
  • We can setup any of our event management module in your house style, using your logo and preferred colors.
  • The Management View behind our online event management applications ensure a clear and complete overview of the payments and registration any time.


Using an online payment system makes the process easier for both the payer as well as the payee. As the payment receiver, you will be able to focus on the 'real work', like organizing your conference. For payer it means less hassle, and a more efficient execution. The management view allows you to monitor the state of the registrations and payments closely.